The Cassandra Complex - Dead Can Dance - The Sun and the Moon - Casual Sanity - Front 242 - The Beatnigs - Little Nemo - New Order


Anechoic Chamber "Untitled"
Bazooka Joe "Sugar island"
The Cassandra Complex "Satan, Bugs Bunny, and me..."
Christian Death "Sex and drugs and Jesus Christ"
Dazibao "Amok"
Faction "Bag"
Little Nemo "Sounds of the addicts"
Martyn Bates "Love smashed on a rock"
Minimal Compact "Live"
Museum of Devotion "To the pink period"
New Model Army "Thunder and consolation"
New Order "Technique"
Noir Désir "Veuillez rendre l'âme (à qui elle appartient)"
The Scabs "Skintight"
Severed Heads "Bulkhead"
The Shamen "In Gorbatchev we trust"
Skinny Puppy "Vivisectvi"
The Wonderstuff "It's yer money I'm after baby"


The Cassandra Complex "20 minutes of death"
Daniel Darc "La ville"
Front Line Assembly "Digital tension dementia"
Heavenly Bodies "Rains on me"
Love and Rockets "Motorcycle - Bike"
New Model Army "Stupid questions"
New Oder "Fine time"
The Pollen "Nurturing desire"
The Shamen vs Bam Bam "Transcendental"
Siglo XX "Summers die"
Sigmund und sein Freund "Glory to the newborn king"
The Sun and the Moon "Alive : not dead"

Date de sortie : 30/03/1989