Anne Clark - Venus Fly Trap - A Split Second - Noir Désir - The Legendary Pink Dots - New Model Army - Thérèse Racket - Norma Loy - Sigisbert IV - Jad Wio


Asylum Party "Borderline"
A Wedding Anniversary "A wedding anniversary"
Blurt "Kenny Roger's greatest hit"
The Cure "Disintegration"
Derek Jarman "The last of England B.O."
Die Haut "Headless body in topless bar"
Jad Wio "Contact"
The Legendary Pink Dots "Greeting nine"
Love and Rockets "Love and rockets"
Mary Goes Round "Sunset"
Mc Carthy "The enraged will inherit the earth"
Norma Loy "82-84"
Opera Multi Steel "À contresens"
Pixies "Doolittle"
Poésie Noire "Pity for the self or we'll teach you to dance"
T21 "Works"
X Mal Deutschland "Devils"
Xymox "Twist of shadow"


A Split Second "The colosseum crash"
Boom Factory "Taste the lash"
Click Click "Yakutska"
Happy Hates Me Not "Soul rejection"
House of Love "Never"
New Model Army "Vagabonds"
New Order "Round and round"
Pixies "Monkeys gone to heaven"
Revolting Cocks "Stainless steel providers"
The Pastels "Baby, you're just you"
The Residents "Kaw-liga"
T21 "Works in progress"
We've Got a Fuzzbox and We Gonna Use It "International rescue"
The Wonderstuff "Who wants to be the disco king ?"
Xymox "Obsession"


Casual Sanity "Demos + Live 88/89"
Tuatha De Danann "Eclectique"
Compilation "Leiv trauma"

Date de sortie : 26/06/1989