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A;Grumh "A hard days knight"
AR Kane "I"
And Also the Tress "Farewell to the shade"
Bauhaus "Swing the heartache - BBC sessions"
Big Audio Dynamite "Megatop phoenix"
Blurt "The body live"
Breathless "Chasing promises"
The Bridge "A tribute to Neil Young"
Christian Death "The heretics alive"
Club de Rome "Club de Rome"
Collection d'Arnell Andrea "Un automne à Loroy"
Die Bunker "Dreams are not free"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Haus der Luege"
Ghost Dance "Stop the world"
Jivaros Quartet "Near the noise"
The Legendary Pink Dots "The legendary pink box"
Mazerno "Pulmonerfs"
Myrna Loy "I press my lip in your inner temple"
The Neon Judgement "Blood and thunder"
The Residents "The king and eye"
The Shelleyan Orphean"Century flower"
Terrorizer "World down fall"
Tuxedomoon" Ten years in one night"
The Wonderstuff "Hup"
Compilation "Generate - PIAS"


And Also the Trees "My lady d'Arbanville"
Bazzoka Joe "Drive"
Christian Death "We fall like love"
Fields of the Nephilim "Psychonaut"
Borghesia "Surveilllance and punishment"
Diaframma "Gennaio"
Ghost Dance "Down to the wire"
Motorcycle Boy "Trying to be kind"
Myrna Loy "Always"
The Neon Judgement "Games of love"
Pixies "Here comes you man"
The Pollen "Factory hours"
The Wonderstuff "Don't let me down, gently"


Mea Pulpa

Date de sortie : 16/01/1990