And Also the Trees - Enstürzende Neubauten - Foreign Affair - Anne Clark - Collection d'Arnell Andréa - Christian Death - Résistance - Kent - Martyn Bates - 23 Enveloppe - Conditions Extrêmes - Myrna Loy


Cat Butt "Journey to the center of"
The Creatures "Boomerang"
Delerium "Morpheus"
Foreign Affair "East on fire"
Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer "Each man kills the thing he loves"
Kitchens of Distinction "Elephantine"
Litfiba "Pirata"
Marc Almond "Jacques"
Marc Seberg "Le bout des nerfs"
The Nivens "Shake"
Norma Loy "Rebirth"
Pale Saints "The comforts of madness"
Peter Murphy "Deep"
Poésie Noire "Love is colder than death"
The Pollen "Colours and make believe"
Psyche "The influence"
Rudolph Kecke "God is dog spelled backwards"
Siglo XX "Under a purple sky"
The Sundays "Reading, writing and arithmetic"
The Wolfhounds "Right and guilty"


Another Sunny Day "You should all be murdered"
Electronic "Getting away with it"
The Field Mice "The autumn part 1 / part 2"
Galaxie 500 "Blue thunder"
Iggy Pop "Livin' on the edge of the night"
MC 900 FT Jessus With DJ Zero I'm going straight to heaven"
Morissey "Ouija board, ouija board"
Public Ennemy "Welcome to the terrordrome"
Revenge "7 seasons"
Vomito Negro "Save the world"


Ivanovich Dans l'Ombre "Amok ! Shock ! Seque"
Wunderlich Ausgang "Antesia"

Date de sortie : 15/05/1990