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Les Freluquets - Revenge - Les Tambour du Bronx - Facteurs d'Ambiance - Breeders - Kat Onoma - Noir Désir - Rachid Taha


Babel 17 "Celeano fragments"
Black Maria "Black Maria"
Brian Kennedy "The great war of words"
Cocteau Twins "Heaven or Las Vegas"
Crime and City Solution "The paradise discotheque"
The Field Mice "Snowball" "Skywriting"
Fields of the Nephilim "Elizium"
Force Dimension "Deus ex-machina"
Gamine "Dream boy"
His Name is Alive "Livonia"
James "Goldmother"
KMFDM "Naive"
Meat Beat Manifesto "99 %"
Michael Penn "March"
The Neon Judgement "The insult"
New Model Army "Impurity"
Patrick Vidal "Histoires d'aventures"
Pixies "Bossanova"
Poi Dog Pondering "Whishing like a mountain and thinking like the sea"
Second Communication "My chromosomal friend"
Taxi Girl "Quelque part dans Paris"
Trisomie 21 "Raw material"
The Weathermen "Beyond the beyond"
Zelwer "La fiancée aux yeux de bois"


Acid Horses "No name, no slogan"
The Cassandra Complex "Nice work"
Casual Sanity "Shelter from your eyes"
The Darkside "Highrise love EP" "Waiting for the angels"
Dominic Sonic "À s'y méprendre"
The Family Cat "Remember what it is that you love"
The Farm "Stepping stone"
Front Line Assembly "Iceolate"
In The Nursery "Sesudient"
Kitchens of Distinctions "Quick as rainbows"
Love Like Blood "Sinister dawn"
Marc Almond "The deperate hours"
Morrissey "November spawned a monster"
My Jealous God "Evrything about you"
New Fast Automatic Daffodils "Big"
New Order "World in motion"
The Overlords "Moontrap"
Pixies "Velouria"
Poésie Noire "Oblivion"
Pop Will Eat Itself "Touched by the hand of Cicciolina"
Revenge "Pineapple face"
The Shamen "Pro-gen"
The Sisters of Mercy "More"
Solar Enemy "Techno divinity"
Venus Fly Trap "Europa"
Voltage Control "Force d'inquisition"

Date de sortie : 23/10/1990