Siouxsie and the Banshees - Daniel Ash - Noir Désir - Daniel Darc - Carter USM - Legendary Pink Dots - Mirwais - Joe Hell - Poésie Noire - Opposition - Anechoic Chamber

House of Love - Morrissey - David Sylvian - Khéops - Stone Roses - Throwing Muses - Tétines Noires - Curve - Olive - Wunderlich Ausgang


And Also the Trees "The evening of the 24th"
Anechoic Chamber "The blood of the flower"
Babel 17 "Shades"
Cabaret Voltaire "Body and soul"
Carter USM "30 something"
Chris and Cosey "Pagan tango"
Cindy Talk "The wind is strong"
The Dentist "Heads and how to read them"
Dominic Sonic "Dominic sonic"
Electronic "Electronic"
Elisa Waut "Wood nymph blond"
The European Sons "The love of life"
Fields of the Nephilim "Earth inferno"
Heavenly "Heavenly vs Satan"
Joe Hell "Joe hell"
Kni Crik "Le massacre du Printemps"
The Legendary Pink Dots "The Maria dimension"
Lenny Kravitz "Mama said"
Les Objets "La normalité"
Litfiba "El diablo"
Lou Reed "Retro"
Massive "Blue lines"
Mimir "Mimir"
Myrna Loy "Time says helay"
Noir Désir "Du ciment sous les plaines"
Opposition "Blue Alice blue"
Poésie Noire "Marianne"
The Prunes "Blossoms and blood"
Throwing Muses "The real ramona"
Rain Tree Crow "Rain tree crow"
This Mortal Coil "Blood"
The Wake "Make it loud"
The Young Gods "The Young Gods play Kurt Weil"
Compilation "Les Inrockuptibles - Un printemps 91"


The Charlatans "Over rising"
Curve "Blindfold EP"
Davy Jones Locker "Geo dos bis"
Electronic "Get the message"
Fatima Mansions "Hive "You're a rose"
The Impossibles "Delphs"
Jesus Jones "Who ? Where ? Why ?"
Kingmaker "The celebrated working man"
The Kitchens of Distiinction "Drive the fast"
The Mock Turtles "Can you dig it ?"
My Bloody Valentine "Tremolo"
OMF featuring Jive Turkey "50 dollar bill"
Spirea X "Chlorine dream"
The Spring Fields "Wonder"
The Telescope "Celeste"
The Wendys "The sun's going to shine for me soon"
Wolfgang Press "Time"
World of Twist "Sons of the stage"

Date de sortie : 27/05/1991