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Alain Bashung "Osez Joséphine"
Anne Clark "Unstill life"
Babylon Fighters "Shut up, don't shut down"
Bobvan "Loony chip classics"
Boris Mikulic "Phobia"
Cat Rapes Dog "The banzai beats"
Coil "Love secret's domain"
Compilation "Five babies in the same cradle"
The Cult "Ceremony"
Cyberaktif "Tenebrae vision"
De Medicis "De Medicis"
Dominique Dalcan "Entre l'étoile et le carré"
The Dylans "The Dylans"
Flowered Up "A life with Brian"
The Inmates "Inside out"
Jean-Louis Murat "Le manteau de pluie"
Karl Biscuit "Aktualismus"
Kas Product "Black and noir"
Les Thugs "International anti boredom front"
LFO "Frequencies"
Little Rabbits "Dans les faux puits rouges et gris"
Mega City Four "Teribly sorry Bob"
Mehead "One good eye"
The Mock Turtles "Two sides"
Mynox Layh "Intra in caelum"
New Model Army "Raw melody men"
Nirvana "Nevermind"
Pixies "Trompe le monde"
Poésie Noire "Tabula rasa"
The Psychedelic Furs "World outside"
Shadow Project "Shadow project"
Smashing Pumpkins "Gish"
Sol Invictus "Trees in winter"
Solar Enemy "Dirty vs universe"
Spiral Jetty "Art's sand bar"
Steve Shehan "Arrows"
Swans "White ligh from the mouth of infinity"
Sweetmouth "Goodbye to songtown"
Sweverdriver "Raise"
Teenage Fanclub "The king"
Third Eye "Just so"
Trisomie 21 "Side by side"
Venus Beads "Black aspirin"
Wire "The drill"
Wolfgang Press "Queer"
The Wonderstuff "Never loved Elvis"
The Would Be's "Silly songs for cynical people"
Compilation "I'm your fan - The songs of Leonard Cohen by..."
Compilation "Moving soundtracks - Volume one"


1000 Homo Dj's "Supernaut"
A Split Second "The parallax view"
Airstream "Follow through"
Billy Bragg "You woke up my neighbourhood"
Blammo ! "I'm Spartacus"
The Cult "Wild hearted son"
Dr Phibes and the House of Wax Equations "Hasy lazy hologram"
The Frank and Walters "The Frank and Walters"
The Hoovers "Mr average"
Hypnotone "Hypnotic"
Ian McNabb "Great dreams of heaven"
Insekt "Stressed"
Lush "Black spring"
The Mobil Homes "Afraid"
Moose "Coll breeze"
Ned's Atomic Dustbin "Trust"
Nuit d'Octobre "Ombre d'adieux"
Pale Saints "Flesh balloon"
Pierre Etoile "In the sun"
The Primitives "You are the way"
Rise and Fall of a Decade "Wings of desire"
Saint Etienne "Nothing can stop us"
The Sea Urchins "Please don't cry"
Slowdive "Spanish air"
Stéphane Eicher "Déjeuner en paix"
Stone Roses "I wanna be adored"
Tangerine "Sunburst"
The Telescope "Flying"
Voltage Control "Antithesis"
The Wedding Present "Loveless"
X10 "Repulsion"

Date de sortie : 05/12/1991

- Commander