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22 Pistepirkko "Bar bone nest"
Asylum "Suckling the mutant mother"
Biff Bang Pow! "L'amour, demure, stenhousemuir"
Black Rose "Twilight"
Buglot "Improve your petrol"
Clandestins "Clandestins"
Collection d'Arnell Andrea "Les marronniers"
Courtney Pine "Within the realms of our dreams"
Cranes "Wings of joy"
Curve "Doppleganger"
Dazibao "Shems soleil"
Die Vision "Fascination"
Dirty Hands "Letters for kings"
Dominique A "La fossette"
The Fat Lady sings "Twist"
Fin de Siècle "À l'état brut"
Gallon Drunk "Tonite the singles"
The Grief "Daedalus"
Gumbal "Special kiss"
Heroes Del Silencio "Senderos de traicion"
Hole "Pretty on the inside"
Hypnotone "Ai"
Intermix "Intermix"
Le Cri de la Mouche "Isomnies"
Little Nemo "The world is flat"
Lush "Spooky"
The Mabuses "The Mabuses"
Marc Minelli "Casiorchestra kitchen music - Vol. 1"
Marie-Laure Beraud "Turbigo 12-12"
Milk "Tantrum"
Moving Targets "Fall"
My Bloody Valentine "Loveless"
The Neon Judgement "Are you real"
Nervous Twitch "Nervous twitch"
Nikki Sudden "The jewel thief"
Noir de Soie "A suite of aural pictures"
Norma Loy "Attitudes"
Northside "Chicken rhythms"
The Overlords "Organic"
Paul Roland "Roaring boys"
The Pollen "A better past..."
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Blasting off"
Robert Wyatt "Dondestan"
Romantik-Dinosaurus "Zariathnatnik"
Rosetta Stone "An eye for the main chance"
The Scientists "Absolute"
Section 25
Skin Chamber "Wound"
Slowdive "Blue day"
Sol Invictus "The killing tide"
Spirea X "Fireblade skies"
Spitfire "Feverish"
Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri "Stories across borders"
Tétines Noires "Brouettes"
The Television Personalities
Therapy? "Babyteeth"
Top "Emotion lotion"
Tribe "Abort"
U2 "Achtung baby"
What's "Press fire to continue"
Will "Pearl of great price"
World of Twist "Quality street"
Young Gods "TV sky"
Compilation "Knowing where it all"
Compilation "Nunc musics"


The Adventures Baby "Camper van"
Cindy Talk "Secrets and falling"
The Charlatans "Me in time"
Cranes "Tomorrow's tears"
Curve "Cherry"
Dinosaur Jr "Whatever's cool with me"
The Family Cat "Colour me grey"
Gavin Friday "I want to live"
God Machine "Purity"
Hungry I "Falling orchard"
Lucie Vacarme "Metalvos EP"
Lush "For love"
Moose "Reprise"
Neutral Project "Temps d'espérances"
Nitzer Ebb "Godhead disc 1 & 2"
Palatine "The single"
Phranc "I'm not romantic"
PJ Harvey "Sheela-na-gig"
Primal Scream "Movin'on up"
Revenge "Gun world porn"
Ride "Leave them all behind"
Skinny Puppy "Spasmolytic"
Specimen "At's"
The Stairs "Weed bus"
Teenage Fanclub "The concept"
TV Personnalities "The strangely beautiful"
Y Cyrff "Reu"
Compilation "Et s'il n'en reste qu'un"

Date de sortie : 04/03/1992

- Commander