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Black Maria "Poison vert"
Bleach "Killing time"
Boo Radleys "Evrything's allright forever"
Buffy Sainte-Marie "Coincidence and likely stories"
Catherine Wheel "Ferment"
Chelsea "Tramway"
The Chills "Soft bomb"
Christian Death "Jesus points the bone at you ?"
Compilation "Mortar"
Cowboy Junkies "Black eyed man"
Dark Orange "Oleander"
Doubting Thomas "The infidel"
Drop Nineteens "Delaware"
Eden "Gateway to the mysteries"
The Fall "Code : selfish"
Fatima Mansions "Valhalla avenue"
Finger "Another state (of mind)"
Freluquets "Discorama"
Front Line Assembly "Tactical neural implant"
Gavin Friday "Adam'n'Eve"
The Heart Throbs "Jubille twist"
Honey Tongue "Nude nudes"
In Slaughter Native "Enter now the world"
Insekt "Dreamscape"
Kingmaker "Eat yourself whole"
Laibach "Kapital"
Leimotiv "Rêves"
Mega City Four "Sebastopol road"
Midway Still "Dial square"
Ministry "Keianhho"
Opera Multi Steel "Stella obscura"
The Park "If all the seas..."
PIL "That what is not"
Pitch Shifter "Submit"
Rise and Fall of a Decade "Noisy but empty"
Scorn "Vae solis"
Silverfish "Organ fan"
Sisters "Some girls wander by mistake"
Skinny Puppy "Last rights"
The Stairs "Mexican R'and B'"
Stereo Taxic Device "100 per day extinct"
Stereolab "Peng !"
Swallow "Blow"
Swans "Love for life"
Swell "Well ?"
Teenage Filmstar "Star"
Telescopes "Telescopes"
Throwing Muses "Red heaven"
Type Non "Phantasmagoria"
Ultramarine "Evry man and woman is a star"
White Zombie "La sexorcisto : devil music vol 1"
X-Tal "Evrything crash"

Date de sortie : 02/11/1992

- Commander