EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - The Auteurs - Dr Phibes - Catherine Wheel - Stereolab - The God Machine - Becketts - Therapy? - Jesus Jones

Brenda Khan - Sebadoh - Theo Hakola - The Ukrainians - The Supersuckers - The Ramones - Peter Astor - Underbeat Station - Prohibition

Adorable "Against perfection"
American Music Club "Mercury"
Anna Palm "Love me"
The Auteurs "New wave"
The Beloved "Conscience"
Breath of Life "Painful insanity"
Brutal Mississipi "Transmekanik"
Butthole Surfers "Independant worm saloon"
Carmine "Visual"
The Carousel "I forgot to remember to forget"
Corpus Delicti "Twilight"
The Cranberries "Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we"
Diabologum "Diabologum"
The Drum Fondu "Dromen takel"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Tabula rasa"
Esplendor Geometrico "Control relmoto 1.0"
Front 242 "Up evil"
Fudge Tunnel "Creep diets"
GW McLennan "Fireboy"
Half Way Home "Half way home"
Hems "I dreamt I was my own cage"
His Name is Alive "Mouth by mouth"
La Variété "Pour la gloire"
The Legendary Pink Dots "Malachai (Shadow weaver part 2)"
Morrissey "Beethoven was deaf"
Mystery Machine "Glazed"
New Model Army "The love of hopeless causes"
New Order "Republic"
Painkiller "Buried secrets"
Passion Fodder "Songs sacred and profane 1985-1991"
Pavement "Wresting (by musket and sextant)"
Peace Love and Pitbulls "New signing on"
PJ Harvey "Rid of me"
Prayer Tower "Halo"
Prohibition "Turtle"
Rocket from the Crypt "Cicrca : now"
School of Fish "Huma cannonbal"
Sebadoh "Bubble and scrape"
Slushy "Arse"
Stereolab "The groop played Space age batchelor pad music"
Suede "Suede"
Swirlies "Blonder tongue audio baton"
Toiling Midgets "Son"
The Walkabouts "New west hotel"
The Wipers "Is it real ?"
Zoviet France "Collusion"
Compilation "Danse macabre - Sampler II"
Compilation "Ohren des Kaiser Hirohito"
Compilation "Rosebub - The great colleciton vol.2"
Compilation "Très hors"

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Date de sortie : 14/06/1993

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