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A Wedding Anniversary "The age of lies"
Billy Idol "Cyberpunk"
Björk "Debut"
The Boo Radleys "Giant steps"
The Breeders "The last splash"
Bubonique "20 golden showers"
Buzzcocks "Trade test transmissions"
The Cannanes "Cavaet emptor"
Cocteau Twins "Four calendar café"
Crooner of Doom
Dead Can Dance "Into the labyrinth"
Deity Guns "Transline appointments"
The Divine Comedy "Liberation"
Dominique A "SI je connais Harry"
Endraum "Zeitenlicht"
Fata Morgana "Le petit monde"
Front 242 "Off"
Gaea "Mehr licht prod"
Guts "Demo"
Half Japanese
Heidy Berry "Heidy Berry"
House of Love "Audience with the mind"
Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston "It's spooky"
James "Laid"
The Jazz Butcher "Waiting for the love bus"
The Jesus and Mary Chain "Sound of speed"
Katrin Achinger and the Flight Crew "Icare"
Mark Burgess and the Sons of God "Zima junction"
Orange Juice "The heather's on fire"
The Pastels "Truckload of trouble 1986/1993"
Polyphemus "Scrapbook of madness"
Relatives Menschsein "Die ewigkeit"
Sielwolf "Nachtstrom"
Silicon Teens "Music for parties"
Skin Chamber "Trial"
Skippies "World up"
Slushy "Penge"
Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese dream"
Springhouse "Postcards from the Artic"
Strawberry Story "Clamming for it"
Tear Garden "Sheila liked the rodeo"
U2 "Zooropa"
Urge Overkill "Saturation"
Wire "The A list"
Yo La Tengo "Painful"
The Young Gods "Live sky tour"
Compilation "Beggars Banquet - Deafening divinities with aural affinities"
Compilation "Head your mind"

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Date de sortie : 24/09/1993