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And Also the Trees "The klaxon"
Anita Lane "Dirty pearl"
Buffalo Tom "Big red letter day"
Chimera "Lughnasa"
Clair Obscur "In out"
Compilation "Grunge : the alternative compilation"
Curve "Cuckoo"
Dance or Die "Psychoburbia"
Davy Jones Locker "Palpable"
Diamanda Galas "Vena cava"
Die Form "Ad infinitum"
Drug Free America "Trip"
The Eternal Afflict "Trauma rouge"
Th' Faith Healers "Imaginary friend"
Fear Factory "fear is the mindkiller"
Grant Lee Buffalo "Fuzzy"
Hair and Skin Trading Company "Over valence"
Idaho "Year after year"
Insides "Euphoria"
Juliette et les Indépendants "14 juillet"
Kill the Thrill "Dig"
Little Rabbits "Dedalus"
Lois "Butterfly kiss"
Mazzy Star "So tonight that I might see"
The Milltown Brothers "Valve"
Neurosis "Enemy of the sun"
The Night Blooms "24 days at catastrophe café"
Nosferatu "Rise"
The Other Two "The other two and you"
Paw "Dragline"
Peter Parker Experience "Peter Parker experience"
PJ Harvey "4 track demo"
Pore "Rotation"
Pulp "Intro - The gift recordings"
Seefeel "Quique"
Sensation "Burger habit"
Sharkbait "Crushits"
Ship of Fools "Close your eyes"
Spell "Seasoons in the sun"
Tad "Inhaler"
Theo Akola "Hunger of a thin man"
Therapy? "Hats off to the insane"
Tilt ! "The next degeneration"
Tindersticks "Tindersticks"
Trancemitter "Trancemitter"
Tribe "Sleeper"
TV Smith's Cheap "RIP..."
Type O Negative "Bloody kisses"
Unsane "Total destruction"
View "Bike ride"
Yelworc "Blood in face"

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Date de sortie : 15/01/1994

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