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Abdomens "Sur fond de biotope"
Attrition "The hidden agenda"
The Auteurs "Now I'm a cowboy"
Beautiful South "Miaow"
Beck "Mellow gold"
Blade Fetish "Absinthe"
Blur "Parklife"
Bordello Family "In wonderland"
Breed "Violent sentimental"
The Choice "The great subconscious club"
Chris Knox "Polyfoto dutch shoped pain"
Clair Obscur "Rock"
Codeine "The white birch"
Dodge Veg-O-Matic "Dodge Veg-O-Matic"
The Divine Comedy "Promenade"
Dominic Sonic "Les leurres"
Dronning Maud Land "Aphoria"
FM Einheit / Andreas Ammer "Radio inferno"
Fortification 55 "Atlantis"
Frank Black "Teenager of the year"
Goettes Erben "Leben in Niemabdsland"
Hems "Plus lourd que l'air"
Harvey Williams "Rebellion"
Hole "Live through this"
Idha "Melody inn"
Inspiral Carpets "devil hopping"
Into the Abyss "Martyrium"
Jawbox "For your own special sweetheart"
Jean Bart "Egoïste dans un corps en solo"
Jeff Buckley "Live at Sin-é"
KMFDM "Light"
La Nuit Venue "Waiting for war"
Laugh "Used to laugh"
Leaether Strip "Underneath the laughter"
The Legendary Pink Dots "Nine lives to wonder"
Lisa Germano "Happiness"
Luna "Bewitched"
Lush "Split"
Magnapop "Hot boxing"
Moonshake "The sound your eyes can follow"
Morrissey "Vauxhall and I"
My Life Story "Girl A girl B boy C funny ha ha"
Nick Cave "Let love in"
Nine Inch Nails "The downward spiral"
Olympia "Shirlay McLaine dans le jardin"
Pavement "Crooked rain crooked rain"
Phil Shöenfelt "God is the other face of the devil"
Philippe Pascale "Philippe Pascale"
Popsicle "Lacquer"
Primal Scream "Give out but don't give up"
Project Pitchfork "Io"
Pulp "His'n'hers"
Raison d'&Etre "Prospectus 1"
Regenerator "Regenerator"
Rolleskate Skinny "Shoulder voices"
Rollins Band "Weight"
Sainkho "Out of tuna"
The Shamen "Different drum"
Sharkboy "Matinée"
Sister Iodine "Adn 115"
Sol Invictus "Death of the west"
St Christopher "Love you to pieces"
The Sugargliders "We're all trying to get there"
Swell "41"
Therapy? "Troublegum"
Uzi "Sleep asylum"
Vic Chesnutt "Drunk"
Vincent Guilly "A hit song / Amsterdam"
Voodoo Queens "Chocolate revenge"
X Marks the Pedwalk "The hilling had begun"
Yeht Mae "Transmitter"
Compilation "A wild state of noise and disorder"
Compilation "Heavenly voices part 1 / part 2"
Compilation "The crow - BOF"

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Date de sortie : 18/05/1994

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