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A Certain Ratio "Looking for a certain ratio..."
Adorable "Fake"
Anchorage "Tranquilly the maelstrom stars"
AR Kane "New clear child"
Ashtray Boy "Macho champions"
Ataraxia "Ad perpetuam rei memoriam"
Bästard "Bästard"
The Bats "Spill the beans"
Bobby Sichran "From a sympathical hurricane"
Breathless "Heartburst"
Brighter Death Now "Slaughterhouse"
Brotherhood of Pagans "Inquisition day"
Catchers "Mute"
Christian Death "Sexy death god"
Cop Shoot Cop "Release"
Cows "Orphan tragedy"
The Cranberries "No need to argue"
Cranes "Loved"
Crunt "Crunt"
The Cult "The cult"
Dead Can Dance "Toward the within"
Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones "The sporting life"
Dinosaur Jr "Without a sound"
Distorted Pony "Distant winner"
Echobelly "Everyone's got one"
Edwyn Collins "Gorgeaous George"
Elijah's Mantle "Remedies in heresies"
Ellysgarden "Echoes"
Evidence "From the heart's grave"
Fat Tulips "Starfish"
Fiddlehead "Dod e" "The deaf waiter"
Front Line Assembly "Millenium"
Fuzzy "Fuzzy"
Ghosting "Romantic death"
The God Machine "One last laugh in a place of dying"
Grant Lee Buffalo "Mighty Joe moon"
Helmet "Betty"
The High Llamas "Gideon gaye"
Husker Du "The living end"
In The Nursery "Anatomy of a poet"
Index "Never this infliction"
Jean Bart "Il le faut"
Jeff Buckley "Grace"
Jesus and Mary Chain "Stoned and dethroned"
Jesus Lizard "Down"
Katerine "L'éducation anglaise"
Killing Joke "Pandemonium"
KMFDM "Angst"
Laibach "Nato"
Lisa Germano "Geek the girl"
Louis Barlow's Acoustic Sentridoh "Winning losers"
Love and Rockets "Hot trip to heaven"
Love Spit Love "Love spit love"
Marylin Manson "Portrait of an american family"
The Milk and Honey Band "Round the sun"
Miranda Sex garden "Fairytales of slavery"
Mutton Gun "Mutton gun III"
Newfads "Love it all"
Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolite / Laurent Pernice / Le"gendary Pink Dots "Trinity"
Num "Wasted sky"
Oasis "Definitely maybe"
Obnoxious ! "Punk till death"
Palace Brothers "Palace brothers " "An arrow through the bitch"
Pale Saints "Slow buildings"
Portishead "Dummy"
Pulp "Masters of the universe"
Radial Spangle "Syrup macrame"
REM "Monster"
Rozz Willimas / Daucus Karota "Shrine"
Sack "You are what you eat"
Sammy "Debut album"
Sebadoh "Bakesale"
Shady "World"
Shed Seven "Change given"
Sielwolf "Metastasen"
Speaking Silence "Speak in silence"
Stiltskin "The mind's eye"
Strangelove "Time for the rest of your life"
Sugar "File under : easy listening"
Tall Dwarfs "3 Eps"
The Time Lodgers "Sometimes never"
Veruca Salt "American thighs"
Vic Chesnutt "West of Rome"
The Wedding Present "Watusi"
William Pears "Elephnat in China shop"
Wunderlich "Ut"
X Rated X "Ab imo pectore"
Zuzu's Petals "The music of your life"
Compilation "Freezone 1"
Compilation "Isis"
Compilation "Natural born killers - BOF"
Compilation "Rarities vol. 1"
Compilation "The inner mystic"

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