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Meat Puppets - Tors of Dartmoor - Edwyn Collins - The Wolfgang Press - Project Pitchfork - Stereolab - Bandit Queen - Stabbing Westward

18 Wheeler "Twin action"
Afterburn "'94 and beyond"
Angina Pectoris "Anguish"
Ash "Trailer"
Autour de Lucie "L'échappée belle"
Bedhead "Whatfunlifewas"
Belly "King"
Bettie Serveert "Lamprey"
Blue Aeroplanes "Rough music"
Boo Radleys "Wake up-Breath of Life "Taste of sorrow"
Calva y Nada "! Palpita, corazon, palpita !"
Chug "Sassafras"
Cindytalk "Wappinschaw"
Daniel Darc "Nijinski"
Daniel Johnston "Fun"
Das Ich "Staub"
Die Krupps "The final remixes"
Distant Winter "Lithopedion"
Dreamside "Pale blue lights"
Dronning Maud Land "Maelstrom"
EMF "Cha Cha Cha"
Endraum "Morgenröte- "Appell an die muse"
Epic Soundtracks "Sleeping star"
Flamingoes "Plastic jewels"
Flyscreen "Dapbag"
Frank Black "Black session"
Fudge Tunnel "The complicated futility of ignorance"
Girls Against Boys "Cruise yourself"
God Is My Co-Pilot "Sex is for making babies"
Godflesh "Selfless"
Grenadine "Nopalitos"
Heather Nova "Oyster"
Hector Zazou "Chansons des mers froides"
Huggy Bear "Weaponry listens to love"
Idaho "This way out"
Immersion "Oscillating"
Jansen Spilles "Speedwingslowthings"
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Orange"
Laika "Silver apples of the moon"
Les Molies "Kumcat"
Machines of Loving Grace "Concentration"
Mark Stewart and the Maffia "As the veneer of democracy start to fade"
Minxus "Pabulum"
Mission "Neverland"
Monster Magnet "Dopes to infinity"
My Life Story "Mornington Crescent"
Nature and Organisation "Beauty reaps the blood of solitude"
Ned's Atomic Dustbin "0.522"
New Order "Best of"
Nik Turner "Space ritual"
Nirvana "Unplugged in New-York" "Live ! Tonight ! Sold out !"
Noise Box "Monkey ass"
Nomeansno "Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong"
Nosferatu "The prophecy"
Offspring "Smash"
The One "Cultured palate"
Overgament "Vulva"
P.J. Harvey "To bring you my love"
Palace Songs "Hope"
Parades "Ode to Eddy Brown"
Patricia Morrison "Reflect on this"
Paul Quinn and the Independent Group "Will I ever be inside of you"
Placebo Effect "Manipulated mind control"
Popinjays "Tales from the urban prairie"
Prolapse "Pointless walks to dismal places"
Psychic Force "Traces"
Pulp "It"
Real Atletico "Trafic d'influenza"
Richard H. Kirk "Disposable half truths- "Time high friction"
Salad "Singles bar"
Samiam "Clumsy"
Sandow "Anschlag"
Shaggs "The shaggs"
Shellac "At action park"
Silver Jews "Starlite walker"
Siouxsie and the Banshees "The rapture"
Sister Machine Gun "The torture technique"
Sky Cries Mary "This timeless turning"
Sleeper "Hunch"
Slowdive "Pygmalion"
Somewhere in Europe "The iron trees are in full bloom"
Souled American "Frozen"
Stabbing Westward "Ungod"
Stone Roses "The second coming"
Swans "The great annihilator"
Television Personalities "Yes darling, but is it art ?"
Throwing Muses "University"
Today Is The Day "Willpower"
Tortoise "Tortoise"
White Legion "La transfiguration de l'ange"
Wolfgang Press "Funky little demons"
Wool "Box set"
Yello "Zebra"
Compilation "Why popstars can't dance"
Compilation "Organism 01"

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Date de sortie : 22/02/1995

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