SALAD - Bandit Queen - Nitzer Ebb - Gitane Demone - Dominique A - New Fads - Boo Radleys - Edward Ka-Spell - Laika - Daniel Darc

The Mission - A Certain Ratio - Spina - Patrick Eudeline - Peter Murphy - Tindersticks - Kas Product - Mo Wax

18 Wheeler "Formanka"
18th Dye "Tribute to a bus"
Acetone "I guess I would"
Art and Decay "Shadowjesus"
Autechre "Amber"
Babes In Toyland "Nemesisters"
Black Dog "Spanners"
Cherche Lune "Dun emrys"
Chills "Heavenly pop hits"
Chris & Carla "Life full of holes"
Clean "Modern rock"
Cubanate "Cyberia"
Days of the Moon "The prince"
Death In June "Rose Clouds Of Holocaust"
Dirge "Dirge"
Dodgy "Homegrown"
Dominique A "La mémoire neuve"
Drugstore "Drugstore"
Edward Ka-Spel "The scriptures of illumina"
Elastica "Elastica"
Electrafixion "Zephyr"
Faith No More "King for a day, fool for a lifetime"
Fall "Cerebral caustic"
Fisherman "Kokoromi karaoke"
Free Kitten "Nice ass"
Garlic Frog Diet "12 killer disco tunes"
Gene "Olympian"
Geraldine Fibbers "Get thee gone"
Halo Benders "God don't make no junk"
Hip Young Things "Shrug"
Ivy "Realistic"
John Frusciante "Niandra lades and usually just a T-shirt"
Johnboy "Claim dedications"
Kill Switch... Click "Beat it to fit, paint it to match"
Kyuss "Sky Valley"
Lambchop "Jack's tulips"
Laugh "Notice"
Leftfield "Leftism"
Lena Willemark / Ale Moller "Nordan"
Lisa Gerrard "The mirror pool"
Lois "Bet the sky"
Lords of Acid "Voodoo-U"
Louis Philippe "Sunshine"
Low Pop Suicide "The death of excellence"
Medicine Rain "Native"
Memorandum "Ars moriendi"
Mephisto Waltz "Thalia"
Mercury Rev "See you on the other side"
Mo Boma "Myths of the near future" "The world behind you"
Moby "Everything is wrong"
Morphine "Yes"
Morrissey "World of Morrissey"
Mudhoney "My brother the cow"
Ned's Atomic Dustbin "Brainblood Volume"
Nerve "Blood & gold"
Nitzer Ebb "Big hit"
Parkinson Square "Shaking palsy"
Pastels "Mobile safari"
Pavement "Wowee Zowee"
Peter Murphy "Cascade"
Portobello Bones "Portobello bones"
Poster Children "Junior citizen"
Red House Painters "Ocean beach"
Requiem in White "Of the want infinite"
Rosa Mota "Wishful sinking"
Royal Trux "Thank you"
Salad "Drink me"
Senseless Things "Taking care of business"
Silvain Vanot "Sur des arbres"
Silverman "Dream cell"
Slipstream "Slipstream"
Smog "Wild love"
Spiritualized Electric Mainline "Pure phase"
Stein "Königzucker"
Stoa "Porta VIII"
Strawberry Minds "Anorak day"
Suddenly, tammy ! "We get there when we do"
Aphex Twin "Classics"
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 "Strangers from the universe"
Tricky "Maxinquaye"
Vic Chesnutt "Is the actor happy ?"
Wayne Kramer "The hard stuff"
Zeni Geva & Steve Albini "All right, you little bastards !"
Compilation "Enchantments" "Moonraker"
Compilation "Headz"
Compilation "The beat goes on (German Indie Rock)"
Compilation "Trance Hardcore " "Throbbing at 200 BPM"

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Date de sortie : 05/05/1995

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