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Antena "Plus acid que jazz"
Apartments "A life full of farewells"
Aphex Twin "...I care because you do" "Ventolin EP"
Ashtray Boy "Candypants beach"
Better Than Ezra "Deluxe"
Biosphere "Patashnik"
Birmingham 6 "Assassinate"
Björk "Post"
Brotherhood of Pagans "Tales of vampires"
Cannanes "A love affair with nature"
Cardigans "Emmerdale"
Carl Craig "Landcruising"
Catherine Wheel "Happy days"
Chris Knox "Songs of you & me"
Condense "Genuflex"
Crash "On a marché sur la Lune"
Cut The Navel String "Takis"
Durutti Column "Sex and death"
Earthling "Radar"
Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle "Innocence"
Fear Factory "Demanufacture"
Fugazi "Red medicine"
Guided By Voices "Alien lanes"
Guv'ner "Hard for measy to you"
Harvest Ministers "A feeling mission"
Helium "The dirt of luck"
Helmet "Born annoying"
Hint "100 % white puzzle"
Jean Bart "Fin et suite"
Kat Onoma "Far from the pictures"
Kendra Smith "The guild of temporal adventurers"
Kendra Smith "Five ways of disappearing"
Killing Joke "Wilful days"
KMFDM "Nihil"
Laurie Anderson "The ugly one with jewels"
Liquorice "Listening cap"
Locust Fudge "Royal flush"
Long Fin Killie "Houdini"
Love Battery "Straight freak ticket"
Magic Hour "Will they turn you on or will they turn on you ?"
Mastertune "No help"
Mike Watt "Ball-hog or tugboat ?"
Natacha Atlas "Diaspora"
Nine Inch Nails "Further down the spiral"
Planète Zen "Tous les jours de Mars"
Police "Live !"
Prohibition "Cobweb-day"
Project Pitchfork "Corps d'amour"
Psyclone Rangers "The devil may care"
Quatre "Un jour j'irai en Norvège"
Rancho Diablo "Chicken world"
Renegade Soundwave "The next chapter of dub"
Scott Walker "Tilt"
Seefeel "Succour"
Sic "Sic"
Skippies "Massive"
Slant 6 "Inzombia"
Sloy "Plug"
Sol Invictus "In the rain"
Steve Westfield "Mangled, the sound of slow"
Supergrass "I should coco"
Tad "Infrared riding hood"
Teenage Fanclub "Grand prix"
The 6ths "Wasps' nests"
Therapy? "Infernal love"
Tse Tse Fly "Mudflat Joey"
Ultimatome "L'ombre du cri"
Under The Noise "Future automatic"
Vidna Obmana "The spiritual bonding"
Warsaw "Warsaw"
Weird Moves "Secrets du cerveau"
Welle : Erdball "W.O.L.F."
What's "Europa"
White Zombie "Astro-Creep : 2000"
X-Easter "Pleasure riser"
Young Gods "Only heaven"
Compilation "B.O Batman forever"
Compilation "Instants inquiets- Les Variations Ludiques"
Compilation "Ophir"

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