PULP - Sonic Youth - Lisa Gerrard - Ruby - Supergrass - Liquorice - Luna - Mercury Rev - Echo & the Bunnymen

Louis Philippe - Mick Harvey - Buzzcocks - Gavin Friday - Trom - Grant McLennan - Dodge Veg-O-Matic - War Child

Cast - London After Midnight - Chokebore - Jad Fair - Heavy Stereo - Azalia Snail

Aardvarks "Bargain"
Alanis Morissette "Jagged little pill"
Apples "Fun trick noisemaker"
Bathers "Sunpowder"
Big Stick "Pro drag"
Black Rose "Into the glass house"
Blunderbuss "Conspiracy"
Blur "The great escape"
Boss Hog "Boss Hog"
Built To Spill "There's nothing wrong with love"
Cast "All change"
Charlatans "The Charlatans"
Chemical Brothers "Exit planet dust"
Chokebore "Anything near water"
Christian Death "Death in Detroit"
Corpus Delicti "Obsessions"
Cul De Sac "Ecim" "I don't want to go to bed"
Current 93 "Dogs blood rising"
Death In June / Les Joyaux de la Princesse "Östenbraün"
Delicatessen "Skin touching water"
Die Krupps "III - Odyssey of the mind"
Duffy "Duffy"
East River Pipe "Even the sun was afraid"
Echobelly "On"
Electrafixion "Burned"
Fall "The twenty-seven points"
Filter "Short bus"
Fletch "Démo"
Garbage "Garbage"
Gavin Friday "Shag tobacco"
Geraldine Fibbers "Lost somewhere between the earth and my home"
Gilles Weinzaepflen "Démo 95"
God Lives Underwater "Glu"
Goldie "Timeless"
Heliogabale "Yolk"
Kepone "Skin"
Lacrima Necromanzia "Cells"
Lanterna "Lanterna"
Lloyd Cole "Love story"
Luna "Penthouse"
Mass Murderers "The first"
Menswear "Nuisance"
Mike Scott "Bring 'em all in"
Mlada Fronta "My visions '95"
Mouse On Mars "Iaora Tahiti"
Muffs "Blonder and blonder"
Nectarine No 9 "Saint Jack"
New Order "(The rest of)"
Noise Unit "Decoder"
Oasis "(What's the story) Morning glory"
Old "Formula"
Optimum Wound Profile "Asphyxia"
Palace Music "Viva last blues"
Patrick Eudeline & Myriam "Patrick Eudeline & Myriam"
Paul Quinn & The Nectarine No 9 "Tiger, tiger EP"
Pram "Sargasso sea"
Presidents of USA "The Presidents of USA"
Primus "Tales from the puchbowl"
Pulp "Different class"
Ramones "Adios amigos !"
Rosetta Stone "The tyranny of inaction"
Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone "Dream home heartache"
Ruby "Salt Peter"
Ryan Moore "Twilight circus in dub vol. 1"
Scanner "Spore" "Mass Observation 95"
Scorn "Gyral"
Seam "Are you driving me crazy ?"
Sentridoh "Losing losers '82-'91"
Shoes "Fret buzz"
Skunk Anansie "Paranoid & sunburnt"
Sleeping Dogs Wake "Under the stars"
Sonic Youth "Washing machine"
Stanford Prison Experiment "Gato hunch"
Steinbecks "At home and abroad with the Steinbecks"
Superchunk "Here's where the strings come in"
Swans Related Project : M. Gira "Drainland"
Swervedriver "Ejector seat reservation"
Tango "Tango"
Tarnation "Gentle creatures"
Tröms "Interlope"
Well Spotted "Shine your star"
Compilation "A means to an end - The music of Joy Division"
Compilation "Organism 02"

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