GARBAGE - Autechre - Baby Bird - My Life Story - Moose - Half Japanese - Nits - Cardigans - Scorn - Virgin Prunes

Spain - Vic Chesnutt - Lambchop - Katerine - Tarnation - Mathieu Boogaerts - Alan Vega - Chemical Brothers

Solar Race - Jack or Jive - Sandra Bell - Dave-Id Busaras - Dreadzone - Quickspaces Supersport - Nightmare on Wax - Hervé Zerrouk

Aghast "Hexerei im zwielicht der finsternis"
Aimee Mann "I'm with stupid"
Air Miami "Me me me"
Alan Vega "Dujang prang"
Arcane 17 "Démo"
Atrocity featuring Das Ich "Die liebe"
Autechre "Anvil" "Tri repetae"
Bérurier Noir "Carnaval des agités"
Baby Bird "Bad shave"
Birmingham 6 "Policestate"
Caroline Perd Son Temps "Démo"
Chumbawamba "Swingin' with Raymond"
Cornershop "Woman's gotta have it"
Credit To The Nation "Daddy always wanted me to grow a pair of wings"
Cyber-Tec "Cyber-Tec"
Dave-Id Busaras "Smegma 'structions don't rhyme"
David Bowie "1. Outside"
Dee & Dee "Démo"
Don Caballero "For respect"
Download "Furnace" "Microscopic"
Dreadzone "Maximum EP"
Eden "Fire & rain"
Elijah's Mantle "Sorrows of Sophia"
Eulen Spiegel "Endless"
Fire + Ice "Midwinter fires"
Frank Black "The cult of Ray"
Freakwater "Old paint"
Front Line Assembly "Hard wired"
Ghosting "Lips like red"
God Lives Underwater "Empty"
Hervé Zerrouk "Désaxé"
Human Form Cage "Démo"
Humpers "Live forever or die trying"
International Peoples Gang "International Peoples Gang"
Jack or Jive "A solo exhibition"
Jacobites "Old Scarlett"
Kim Salmon & the Surrealists
L.F.O. "Advance"
Lambchop "How I quit smoking"
Legendary Pink Dots "From here you'll watch the world go by"
Lisa Loeb "Tails"
Loss of Centre "Humans loosing humanity"
Lotion "Nobody's cool"
Magnetic Fields "The charm of the highway strip"
Marion "This world & body"
Mathieu Boogaerts "Super"
Megaptera "Beyond the shadow"
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud "A new soldier follows the path of a new king"
Moose "Live a little love a lot"
Mouth "Victim chant"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Murder ballads"
Nightmares on Wax "Smokers delight"
Nits "Nest"
Ordo Equilibrio "Reaping the fallenÉ the first harvest"
Ordo Equitum Solis "Hecate"
Pain Teens "Beast of dreams"
Paw "Death to traitors"
Pea Green Boat "Maremma & other stories"
Pluto "Rising"
Project Pitchfork "¶ ˝"
Prolapse "Backsaturday"
Rozz Williams "Heltir"
Saint Etienne "Too young to die (singles 1990-1995)"
Sea of Tranquility "Landed"
Sewing Room And Nico "Beautiful"
Sharkboy "The Valentine tapes"
Smashing Pumpkins "Mellon collie and the infinite sadness"
Sol Invictus "In the rain"
Spain "Blue moods of spain"
Stabbing Westward "Wither blister burn & peel"
State of Grace "Jamboreebop"
Suggs "The lone ranger"
Switchblade Symphony "Serpentine gallery"
Telstar Ponies "In the space of a few minutes"
Television Personalities "I was a mod before you was a mod"
Les Tétines Noires "12 têtes mortes"
Théo Hakola "The confession"
Thurman "Lux"
Trisomie 21 "The songs by T21 - Vol 2"
Ultrabidé "God is God puke is puke"
Walter Salas-Humara "Radar"
Welle : Erball "Alles ist möglich"
Young Gods "Kissing the sun - 7 remixes"
B.O. "Mortal kombat"
B.O. "The doom generation"

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Date de sortie : 31/01/1996

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