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16 Horsepower "Sackcloth'n'ashes"
22 Pistepirkko "Zipcode"
Alan Vega, Chilton, Vaughn "Cubist blues"
Alec Bathgate "Gold lamé"
The Aloof "Sinking"
Archive "Londinium"
Autechre "Chiastic slide"
Battery "Distance"
Belle and Sebastian "If you're feeling sinister"
Birmingham 6 "Error of judgement"
Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Mick Harvey "To have and to hold"
Brainpool "Stay free"
The Clean "Unknown country"
Cranes "Population four"
The Damned I'm alright "Jack and the bean stalk"
The Dirty Beatniks "One one seven in the shade"
D.Generation "No lunch"
Daft Punk "Homework"
Das Ich "Das innere ich"
David Bowie "Eart hl i ng "
Death in June "Kapo"
Divine Comedy "A short album about love"
Doriand "Contact"
Elysian Fields "Bleed your cedar"
England's Glory "Legendary lost album"
Èvidence "Heart's Grave"
Future Sound Of London "Dead cities"
Harvest Ministers "Orbit"
The Heads "No talking, just head"
Helmet "Aftertaste"
In Blind Embrace "Songs from the shadows"
In The Nursery "The cabinet of Doctor Caligari"
Julian Cope "Interpreter"
La Grande Sophie "S'agrandit"
Labradford "Labradford"
Lamb "Lamb"
Luka "De Vénus à Neptune"
Mansun "Attack of the grey lantern"
Marie-France "Marie-France"
Mundy "Jelly legs"
My Life Story "The golden mile"
The Only Ones "Remains"
Pavement "Brighten the corners"
The Presidents of the U.S.A "II"
Razor Skyline "Journey of trauma"
Revelino "Broadcaster"
The Rollins Band "Come in and burn"
Scorn "Zander"
Slingbacks "All pop, no star"
Snooze "The man in the shadow"
Spacemaid "The girl who sold the world"
Stina Nordenstam "Dynamite"
Swans "Soundtracks for the blind"
The Tear Garden "To be an angel blind, the crippled soul divide"
Tiger "We are puppets"
Tindersticks B.O. "Nénette et Boni"
Tors of Dartmoor "Le gift"
Compilation "A tribute to Siouxsie & the Banshees"
Compilation "Diva X Machina"
Compilation "Iris"
Compilation "Lost Highway B.O.F"
Compilation "Musica Celestia 2"
Compilation "Petite oreille"

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